• Between 2001 and 2003, NRCRI in collaboration with IITA developed and released seven first ever white yam hybrids. The new hybrids yams which include: TDR 89/02677, TDR 89/02665, TDR 89/02565, TDR 89/02461, TDR 8901438, TDR 89/01213, and TDR 95/01924, yield twice the existing yam landraces and are resistant to major yam diseases and pests.
  • Between 2008 and 2010, thirteen new hybrid yam varieties were also released giving a total of 20 improved varieties. These are: DRN 200/4/2, TDa 98/01176, TDA 98/01168, TDa 98/01166, TDr 89/02660, TDr 89/02602, TDr 95/10158, TDa 00/000104, TDa 00/00194 and UMUDa-4 (TDa 00/00364), UMUDr – 17 (TDr 95/19177), UMUDr – 18(TDr 95/18949) and UMUDr – 19 (TDr 89/02475).
  • Research in the Institute is demand and market driven. Hence several value-added products from root and tuber crops have been developed by the Institute for local consumption and export.  The products include cassava pellets, flakes for animal feed production, cocoyam chips and soup thickener, ginger wine and powder, sweet potato starch, yam starch and flour.  Cakes, bread, biscuits and chin-chin have been successfully produced from the flour.  The products are available for commercialization and farmers are already using them.  To reduce drudgery in the production and processing of root and tuber crops, yam, potato and cocoyam peelers, ginger splitting machine and dryer, cassava harvester and 4-row chemical spraying equipment among others were developed by the engineering research unit of the Institute.

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