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*Cassava Stem and Root Production:

(A Practical Manual)

*Yam Research in Nigeria

An Annotated Bibliography (1990 - 2002)

*Cassava Production, Processing and Marketing.

1980-2005 (An Annotated Bibliography)  



“NRCRI Umudike has taken giant strides with commendable results. These have earned the Institute one of the best research Institutes in Nigeria having contributed immensely to the economic development. The research findings of the Institute have made Nigeria to become the World’s leading producer of cassava and yam . Among the notable achievements are the Development and release of eleven hybrids of yam and 16 additional improved varieties of cassava including 10 that are particularly resistant to the virulent cassava mosaic disease (CMD), and Pro-Vitamin A varieties. Development of technological packages for optimum production and utilization of mandate crops of the Institute

Dr. J.C. Okonkwo

Executive Director


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